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Fierce strong actress


Before being an actor, at the age of 5, ZhuZha began a career as a competitive rhythmic gymnast in Ukraine. She won multiple awards and achieved her Master of Sports Degree in a period of 8 years. As a teenager, she joined a theater company and started her training as an actor. Discipline is a thing she knew well.


At eighteen, Zhuzha was awarded an Artists' Cultural Exchange Scholarship and was chosen to attend college in the United States. Acting wasn’t an option to study, but she moved to the US and got a BA in Marketing. Tapping back into her creative roots, she made her way to NYC and became a graduate of the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts. 


Zhuzha has appeared in award-winning short and feature independent films. She also has a love of writing and producing and created a pilot episode of Baker Enterprise, where she also plays the leading role. In addition to film, Zhuzha has also acted in theater productions, including Shooting Stars, Dining Room and The Dancers. She also actively works as a print and a promotional model. She typically gets cast as enigmatic women with a dangerous mind and an ethical heart.


"Throughout my entertainment career which expands over 3 decades I've seen plenty of talented individuals but what is rarely seen is the ability to unify both Talent and Work Ethic as demonstrated by Zhuzha Akova. Zhuzha is committed 100 percent to the process and production of transforming the written vision into a transcending cinematic experience that demands your attention every moment that she is on the screen. Working with Zhuzha has been refreshing and inspiring!"

Demetrius Angelo - Founder of ASC Productions and the Urban Action Showcase

"Working with such a determined and talented actor as Zhuzha Akova on her Baker Enterprise venture was a delight. There is an element of intrigue and a depth of compassion that infuses all that she endeavors. Brains, beauty, and a sense of humor combine to make one terrific actor, writer, and producer."

Award-Winning Actress Maggie Reed

"Zhuzha is fierce. A strong actress with spot on instincts, she is also a gifted writer and storyteller."

Producer Molly Pearson / Partial Comfort Productions, Table Ten Films

"Zhuzha sparkles on camera. She is as honest in a scene as she is to talk with. Her work is intriguing and beguiling without a trace of pretense - a rare gift. She doesn't blink at hard work which makes her a pleasure to work with on set." 

Director Hugh Scully / Mylo Productions

"If there is one word to describe Zhuzha it would be determination.  She has brought professionalism and keen sense of purpose to her work.  With each breakthrough, she finds new emotional truths and understanding which will serve her well on the set and stage."

Larry Gleason / Acting Coach, On Faculty At Circle In The Square

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